The course will clear up all your queries related to Differentiation and Integration. Beside that, It will also help you to grasp the fundamentals of Calculus and build you an ability of solving all kinds of mathematical problems

The purpose of this course is to prepare students as conscious users of computer technology.

By mastering this course, you will be able to understand and analyze 
the processes and phenomena that occur in the atmosphere and hydrosphere, 
their interaction and changes under the influence of human activity.
У небі над Австралією зафіксували веселкові хмари: фотофакт – Новини  Полтавщини

This course covers elementary discrete mathematics for computer science. Topics include fuzzy sets and relations; elementary graph theory; elements of combinatorics.

This course will guide you to the essence of the basic concepts of conflictology, theoretical areas and approaches; will help to understand the importance of constructive conflict resolution in future professional activities. As a result of studying the discipline you will be able to get acquainted with the concept of "conflict", methods of diagnosis, analysis, conflict prevention, structural and dynamic characteristics of conflict, typology of conflicts, determinants of their origin and development, means and technologies of their constructive solution.